Primadoors manufacture doors with a large range of sizes and colours. We understand that you want the best value you can get for your money and that is what we offer, our doors are set at a retail price that is very competitive, however we believe that our doors are of extreme quality and believe that you are getting the best roller door you can find when you install a Primadoor.

This is because we use only the best of the best components in our doors and the manufacturing process is carried out in a way that proves our commitment to quality, including quality checks of all components and part, a quality control process that is carried out until the final stage of manufacturing, this ensures you as the customer receive exactly what you paid for and exactly what you were expecting for your money.

The components of our system are subject to our rigorous quality control to ensure performance and reliability that one expects from a privately family owned Australian company.

ASI Garage Doors can supply you a Primadoor roller door and have professionally installed by our team. We back our workmanship with a 24 month warranty guaranteed.

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