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Garage Door Repairs Brisbane, North, Bayside, Ipswich, Logan

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Need Garage Door Repairs? Repair work in Brisbane and surrounding area’s is much of what our company does. No job is too small. We fix broken springs, off track doors, frayed cables, garage door openers, damaged doors and the list goes on. Our qualified service technicians are committed to providing a fast, reliable, and top quality garage door experience. Our expert knowledge and experience helps us get your job completed more efficiently, and saving you money. We carry a large selection of parts for Roller Doors, Tilt Doors and Sectional Doors. We pride ourselves in being able to efficiently and afford-ably fix your garage door at your convenience with an emphasis on educating and empowering our clients, but most importantly we will do the job right the first time!

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ASI Garage doors have extensive knowledge of ALL major Garage door brands, and Garage Door Openers including Merlin, Boss, Steel-line, Gliderol, B&D Doors & Openers, ATA, Firmadoor, CSI, Centurion, Herculift and many more.


Garage door springs are responsible for lifting the weight of the garage door, either manually or using the garage door opener. The steel garage door springs face enormous forces every time the door opens or closes. Over time, the steel weakens and eventually cracks or breaks due to wear and tear, and lack of lubrication.
How often you need to replace the springs depends on how much you use your garage door. It is estimated the standard garage door springs have a lifespan of 10,000 cycles, or (8-10 years domestic use). Check out our spring Page for more information. DO NOT TOUCH THE SPRINGS, AS THEY ARE UNDER EXTREME TENSION.

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There are many symptoms of electric garage door opener failure, including if your garage door opens only part way, or opens and immediately closes. Before calling for professional help with your garage door & motor repair……….

- Check to make sure there aren’t any objects within the path of the door
– Ensure your remote batteries are charged
– Sectional/Panel door only – Check above to see if your springs aren’t broken. (If Yes, see our Spring Repair page)
– Roller Door only – Ensure your lock (Locking bars) are not accidentally engaged, or check your manual release is in automatic mode.

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If your electric garage door opener still doesn’t work properly, our highly trained garage door opener repair technicians will provide a thorough inspection of your unit and pinpoint the problem. We guarantee your 100% satisfaction with our garage door opener services. Our Service vehicles carry a variety of motor replacements if required to get you door running up and down in no time.


When a garage door cable comes of the drum (spool), it can really cause some headaches. The garage door will usually be crooked in the opening and one cable will be slack. This is usually caused when the door hits something on the way down, when the door is raised to quickly or from worn rollers or improper door alignment and also incorrect spring tension. DO NOT TOUCH THE CABLES, AS THEY ARE UNDER EXTREME TENSION. Call us immediately. This is one of the most dangerous repairs we do and requires a team of professionals.. Off track doors can be a slow process to repair especially if the panels are in the up position and they are about to fall out of the tracks. We have a team that will safely ensure no person will be at harm or causing any damage to your property, but ensuring we safely bringing the door down to ensure no damage to the sectional panels and rebuild your door back to working order again.

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ASI Garage Doors Specialise in:

  1. Remote Garage Door & Gate Openers - Repairs, Service, Replacement
  2. Broken Sectional Door/Tilt Door Spring Replacement & Repairs
  3. Sectional Door Cable Replacement - ALL Brands
  4. 24/7 Emergency Garage Door Repairs Brisbane wide
  5. Roller Door, Tilt Door, Sectional Door Repairs
  6. Garage Door Servicing & Maintenance
  7. New Garage Door Sales & Installation
  8. Garage Door Foil Insulation
  9. Garage Door Removals & Re-installs
  10. Garage Door Remote Handset & Keypad Entry


ASI Garage doors have extensive knowledge of ALL major Garage door brands, and Garage Door Openers including Merlin, Boss, Steel-line, Gliderol, B&D Doors & Openers, ATA, Firmadoor, CSI, Centurion, Dynamic Door, Marantec, EziRoll, Napoleon, ARD, Taurean Doors and many more.

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